About Us


The Meadowlands Museum is housed in an early 19th century farmhouse.  It is one of the few remaining homes of that time period left in our Meadowlands area.

In 1960, a group of Rutherford PTA parents sat at a table, after viewing their children’s social studies/science fair projects.  They thought it would be nice for their children to have some “real” objects to look at to aid in their studies.  They sent out a letter to every Rutherford parent to ask if people would be willing to donate items of educational value to this new venture.

Today the Museum works to link students of New Jersey Meadowlands history, young and old, to objects that can help them connect to and understand the history the Meadowlands area communities of today. The house is listed on the Bergen County Stone House Survey, the State and National Register of Historic Sites and the Historic American Buildings Survey.