Our Restoration Project Moves Forward

by Jackie on October 31, 2012 · 0 comments

In 2004 we began the work to ensure that we could properly care for our historic building.  Thanks to grants from the Bergen County Historic Trust and from the Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation we were able to have our building evaluated by a preservation architecture firm and a formal Preservation Plan was written.  Although this was an expensive step, it was none the less a required step to make us eligible to receive future grants to have work done on our historic home.

Now, thanks to grants from the Bergen County Historic Trust and from the 1772 Foundation were were able to begin Phase I of our Preservation Plan.  This work emphasizes getting the outer shell of our building sound; replacing the roof, the gutters and moldings and replacing exterior shingles and framing that are no longer sound.

  The work began with the removal of 5 layers of roof which included the original cedar shake roof, a metal roof and multiple layers of asphalt shingles.





A layer of plywood was then placed on the whole roof.  The roofers then put ice dam and tar paper coatings, as well as a breathable  substrate that will allow the new roof cedar shakes to “breathe”.




Now cedar shakes are being placed on the roof.  The rotten wood at the back of the building has been replaced.


The original gutters were removed and new cedar boards replaced the old rotten wood.  New gutters (that replicate the original gutters have now been built on the front of the building.





We are excited about the progress on our restoration project and very grateful to all who have helped us to begin this work.  We are also extremely grateful that Hurricane Sandy was much kinder to us than Hurricane Irene.

We are still doing fund raising for our restoration work and all contributions are gratefully accepted.

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