Our Thank You

by Jackie on November 23, 2011 · 0 comments

  At this time of Thanksgiving, our Museum would like to extend our thanks to our community for its support during this past year.  We want to thank those who have financially supported us and our preservation project and those of you who have visited and attended programs and fundraisers.

We are especially thankful for those who came out last Saturday to support our “Coins for a Cause” fundraiser that was sponsored by Boiling Springs Savings Bank.  People came to the bank and brought their bags and jars of coins and thanks to them we raised an extra $902. toward our preservation project.  Additionally some of our neighbors and friends dropped off or mailed in an extra check toward the roof restoration.

Our thanks also to the 1772 Foundation who have given us a $15,000 donation toward our new roof and to Boiling Springs Savings Bank who gave us an extra $1,000 donation and the Community Chest of Rutherford and the Lyndhurst Historical Society who each gave us $500 after hearing about the damage that Hurricane Irene had added to our already leaking roof and now to our water logged basement.  Also this year we received a $750 donation from the Lions Club and a $250 donation from the Boiling Springs Masonic Association toward our restoration project.

We are blessed to live in an area where our community is so supportive and in spite of tough economic times still support our local non-profits.  So, thank you all.  Whether you gave us a few dollars or you gave us a larger donation.  You are all important to us.  We still have a way to go with our restoration fundraising, but thanks to all of our donors this year we are closer to our goal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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