Naomi Norsworthy and Rutherford’s Churches

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Naomi Norsworthy (1877-1916) graduated valedictorian from Rutherford’s Park School in 1893.  She went on to attend the New Jersey State Normal School in Trenton, and she received her BA from Columbia University Teachers College.  Norsworthy gained her doctorate in 1904 from Columbia. Her mother, Eva (not Eve) Ann Norsworthy bought a  lot on West Passaic Avenue, Rutherford, across from Grace Church, and had a house built there in 1885.

The Norsworthy family is believed to be the first Rutherford adherents to Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, now Rutherford Bible Chapel.

From"The Life of Naomi Norsworthy," (1918) by Frances Caldwell Higgins, Cornell University Library, used under fair use From”The Life of Naomi Norsworthy,” (1918) by Frances Caldwell Higgins, Cornell University Library


You can learn more about Rutherford’s churches in the article “Rutherford’s Churches Come from Various Beginnings,” written by Rutherford Borough Historian and MMus Board President Rod Leith.  In the article, note the photo of Gospel Chapel, which is from MMus’ extensive collection of photographs documenting  Meadowlands-area history.

History Chest: Rutherford’s churches come from various beginnings – See more at:

History Chest: Rutherford’s churches come from various beginnings – See more at:
History Chest: Rutherford’s churches come from various beginnings – See more at:


Eagle Scouth Project Comes to MMus

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Doctor, poet, and Rutherfordian William Carlos Williams often discussed flowers in his works, and the Meadowlands Museum’s W.C.W. garden honors his works and spirit through the flowers on display.  Each flower and plant mentioned in his poems are represented in our garden, currently being replanted and tended to through an Eagle Scout Project.  The garden is being expanded, and will ultimately feature new labels and signs identifying each planting and letting visitors know which of Williams’ works reference the plant.

On your next visit to the Meadowlands Museum, be sure to take time to stroll the grounds.

Eagle Scout volunteers work on the Williams' garden at MMus Eagle Scout volunteers work on the Williams’ garden at MMus


Opening Tomorrow: Alternate Reality

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Our newest exhibit, Alternate Reality: Steampunk & the Victorian Age opens TOMORROW NIGHT, Monday, July 21st, 6:00pm.

Professor Adam Smasher will be presenting his lecture “What IS Steampunk? ~ 101″ at 7:00pm.

And there maybe a surprise musical act!  You’ll have to come to the opening to find out who!

Alternate Reality is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10am to 4pmm through September 2014.

Fans and photography Victorian wedding dress and parasols

Want to learn more about Steampunk and can’t wait for Professor Smasher’s talk?  Try this article.

Want to learn more about the exhibit?  Here’s the link for you!

Alternate Reality is presented in collaboration with Jeff Mach Events.


Family Fun Day

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Children will be treated to three fantastically fun and interactive hours of arts, crafts, stories, and activities in and around the Meadowlands Museum and its gardens. Children who participate in the whole day will go home with three completed projects, and will have had the opportunity to interact with the current exhibit, “Alternate Reality: Steampunk & the Victorian Age.” Paper cameos

  • Painted fans
  • Steampunk animals
  • Story time
  • Create your own Steampunk adventurer
  • Fancy portraits
  • Scavenger hunts

Adults and children 5 and under are FREE
Children 6 and over:

  • $7 for first child
  • $5 for each additional child in the group

Rain or shine!


Don’t make the mistake

of only coming once

to view our summer exhibit,

Alternate Reality:

Steampunk & the Victorian Age! 

There are events all summer long,

giving fun ways to engage with the exhibit

and learn more both about

Victorian fashion and Steampunk.

  • Monday, 21 July, 6-9pm, exhibit opening featuring Prof. Adam Smasher’s lecture “What IS Steampunk? ~ 101″
  • Saturday, 2 August, 10am – 1pm, Family Fun Day, $7 first child, $5 each additional child in group, children 5 and under FREE, children who participate in entire day will go home with three completed projects
  • Monday, 4 August, 6-9pm, “The Science of Steampunk” with Prof. Scott Calvin (Sarah Lawrence College)
  • Saturday, 6 September, 2-4pm, Professor Mark P. Donnelly (S.S.S./ E.A.A./ B.F.H.S./ S.W.A.S.H.) lecture “Bartitsu: The Lost and Found Scientific Self Defense of Sherlock Holmes (or Self-Defense for Victorian and Steampunk Gentlemen (and Not-So-Gentlemen)).”
  • Sunday, 28 September, The Grand Victorian Tea with Chris Cason and a special musical act

All events presented in collaboration with Jeff Mach Events.  Stay tuned here for more information!


Alternate Reality logo

Step into the world where history and fiction collide.

Drawing from its collection of Victorian era fashion and accessories, the Meadowlands Museum has paired with Jeff Mach Events to present a summer of gears, clockworks, top hats, and all things Steampunk. The display will include Victorian pocket watches, top hats, jewelry, and a wedding dress from the museum’s collection, and objects on loan from Steampunk crafters and makers, including Heather E. Hutsell’s “Time Jumper” dress, cameos by Corvus Creations, and pocket watches, goggles, and chainmail creations by Caruso Kith Kin & Co.

The opening will feature a special guest lecture by Professor Adam Smasher, gentleman, musician, songwriter, and gizmologist.  Prof. Smasher is the 2013 winner of The Starburner Galactic Courier award.  He will present his lecture, “What IS Steampunk? ~ 101,” introducing attendees to the world of Steampunk and setting the stage for the exhibit and the summer’s programming.

Assisting Professor Smasher will be his musical counterpart from “The Eternal Frontier,” Baron Maximilan Von Zipple.

Left: Baron Maximilian Von Zipple, Right: Professor Adam Smasher. Photo by: Ed O'Brien

Left: Baron Maximilian Von Zipple, Right: Professor Adam Smasher. Photo by: Ed O’Brien


This special exhibit will culminate with our annual Grand Victorian Tea on Sunday, September 28.

DATE: Monday, July 21, 2014

TIME: 6:00 – 9:00pm

  • 6:00 Exhibition preview
  • 7:00 “What IS Steampunk? ~ 101” by Professor Adam Smasher

Admission is free and open to the public.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Alternate Reality: Steampunk & the Victorian Age will be on view Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10am – 4pm, July 21 through September 30.

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Junior Women’s Club of Rutherford supports MMus

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This past Tuesday, Meadowlands Museum’s Board President Rod Leith was invited to attend the meeting of the Junior Women’s Club of Rutherford (JWCR).  JWCR presented President Leith with a donation to support the programs and activities at MMus.

MMus is so pleased to be the recipient of this donation, and we give our sincere thanks to JWCR for their support and for all they do in the Rutherford community.

JWCR photo JWCR Officers Lena Merrill-Kloza and Carolyn Smith with MMus President Rod Leith

If you would like to get your community group involved with MMus, either through a monetary donation, a work day at the museum, sponsoring an event or exhibit, or in some other way, please contact us!  We’d love to hear from you.


June Mondays @ MMus Recap

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Last night, we were so pleased to host the very talented Carolyn Light for an intimate performance in our front gallery.  Despite a recent injury, Light was able to perform some wonderful songs for the audience, including some a cappella works, in addition to playing her banjo.

If you want to learn more about this local singer/songwriter, please visit her on Facebook or at her website.

IMG_3226 IMG_3230

Light performed in our front gallery, where our current exhibit, “Rutherford Remembers: WWI Centennial” is on display through July 5.  This exciting exhibit features materials, uniforms, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and vintage posters related to Rutherfordians’ experience during World War I.

Stay tuned here and on Facebook for information about our next installment of Mondays @ MMus, the opening of the new exhibit, Alternate Reality: Steampunk & the Victorian Age, presented in collaboration with Jeff Mach Events.


Performing Live in our Galleries: Carolyn Light

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The Meadowlands Museum is pleased to present an evening of music with local musician Carolyn Light on Monday, June 16, at 6:00pm.

Carolyn Light has been making music her whole life. A Jersey City resident hailing from Colorado, Carolyn is a folk original with influences ranging from Florence and the Machine to Simon and Garfunkel to Alison Krauss. She has sung for several bands throughout the New York metro area, including the Gully Hubbards and Patchwork Alchemy. She is also a member of the Art House Productions a Capella group Cabaret Sauvignon. With her clear soprano, twangy banjo, and eclectic songs, she is truly a musical force to be reckoned with.

Carolyn Light

On view through June 2014 is our “Rutherford Remembers: WWI Centennial” exhibit. On July 28, 1914, the “Great War” started in Europe, eventually claiming 9 million lives before its end on November 11, 1918. Though the United States would not enter the war for another three years, Americans and Rutherfordians were impacted by the war from its very start. This exhibit features uniforms, books, posters, and photographs related to Rutherford residents’ participation in the war.

This event is free and open to the public. Donations greatly appreciated


April Mondays @ MMus Recap

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If you weren’t here for our April edition of Mondays @ MMus, you missed a wonderful evening of music and the opportunity to honor some of our area’s business women!

The evening started with the presentation of certificates to some of the women who have been most supportive of MMus.

Presentation of certificates Pictured left to right: Heather Hope Kuruvilla, MMus Interim Director; Jaimie Winters, Editor, South Bergenite; Kathy Tsiolas, Boiling Springs Savings Bank Senior VP; Rod Leith, MMus Board President; Ada Melendez, Investors Savings VP & Director of Community Development; and Luisa Da Silva, Investors Savings Assistant Vice President. Not pictured: Bea Goldberg, Realtor, Coccia Realty.

Following the presentations, Karen and Joe Davis and Chrissy Roberts performed for the rest of the evening, filling the MMus galleries with music.

chrissy roberts front gallery  karen davis and joe front gallery

We hope you’ll show your support for these musicians, who were kind enough to perform for us.  Links to find them online are listed here: