Luna Skye Steampunk Cello Concert

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This past Saturday, cellist Luna Skye played a unique concert of musical medleys, folk songs, and his own original compositions. These beautiful songs fit perfectly with our exhibition, Alternate Reality: Steampunk & the Victorian Age.


Luna Skye Luna Skye




Tomorrow, September 20,2014, Cellist Luna Skye will perform at the Meadowlands Museum,91 Crane Ave.,Rutherford,NJ . Performance will start at 2 PM


To Purchase Tickets for the 11th Annual Grand Victorian Tea on Sunday September 28th, 2014 at United Presbyterian Church,511 Ridge Rd. Lyndhurst, NJ from 3-6PM, you can come to Museum to purchase tickets or you can go to the eventbrite link: http//

Hope to see you there!



History Chest/ Origin of stone sidewalks in Rutherford – Education –


The Science of Steampunk

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If the term “steampunk” means anything to you, it probably evokes the image of goggles on top hats or of gears on, well, just about everything. Dig just a little bit further in to the movement and you’ll find dirigible airships, clockwork robots, and steam-powered vehicles. It may come as a surprise to find that these are not tropes invented in recent times, nor are they primarily drawn from the fiction of an earlier era. While modern steampunk film and fiction exaggerates the abilities of these contrivances, they all have their roots in actual inventions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the scientists and inventors who made them were just as colorful as their fictionalized counterparts. Much as advances in computer technology now give anyone with enough creativity (or eccentricity) and drive (or obsession) a shot at making it big, the Victorian era was a period when advances in physics and engineering gave rise to what we now recognize as the spirit of steampunk.

In this talk, we’ll learn a bit about the scientific principles behind these inventions, such as what it is that gears actually do, as well as discuss some of the larger than life figures who tried to bend these principles to their will.

DATE: Monday, August 4, 2014

TIME: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Admission is free and open to the public.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

About the Speaker

Scott Calvin is a professor of Physics at Sarah Lawrence College, where he teaches a variety of courses including Steampunk Physics. As his alternate persona Professor S. Q. Black, he has designed a number of novel inventions, including a working pair of death ray goggles and the T-BAVAC (tetra-barrelled anti-vampiric arm cannon). Outside of steampunk, his recent projects include using x-ray spectroscopy to analyze advanced battery materials for electric cars, writing a textbook on x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy featuring cartoon animals, creating a pop-up book to promote a new Department of Energy synchrotron light source, and developing a physics study guide in graphic novel form.

Professor Scott Calvin Professor Scott Calvin


Naomi Norsworthy and Rutherford’s Churches

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Naomi Norsworthy (1877-1916) graduated valedictorian from Rutherford’s Park School in 1893.  She went on to attend the New Jersey State Normal School in Trenton, and she received her BA from Columbia University Teachers College.  Norsworthy gained her doctorate in 1904 from Columbia. Her mother, Eva (not Eve) Ann Norsworthy bought a  lot on West Passaic Avenue, Rutherford, across from Grace Church, and had a house built there in 1885.

The Norsworthy family is believed to be the first Rutherford adherents to Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, now Rutherford Bible Chapel.

From"The Life of Naomi Norsworthy," (1918) by Frances Caldwell Higgins, Cornell University Library, used under fair use From”The Life of Naomi Norsworthy,” (1918) by Frances Caldwell Higgins, Cornell University Library


You can learn more about Rutherford’s churches in the article “Rutherford’s Churches Come from Various Beginnings,” written by Rutherford Borough Historian and MMus Board President Rod Leith.  In the article, note the photo of Gospel Chapel, which is from MMus’ extensive collection of photographs documenting  Meadowlands-area history.

History Chest: Rutherford’s churches come from various beginnings – See more at:

History Chest: Rutherford’s churches come from various beginnings – See more at:
History Chest: Rutherford’s churches come from various beginnings – See more at:


Eagle Scouth Project Comes to MMus

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Doctor, poet, and Rutherfordian William Carlos Williams often discussed flowers in his works, and the Meadowlands Museum’s W.C.W. garden honors his works and spirit through the flowers on display.  Each flower and plant mentioned in his poems are represented in our garden, currently being replanted and tended to through an Eagle Scout Project.  The garden is being expanded, and will ultimately feature new labels and signs identifying each planting and letting visitors know which of Williams’ works reference the plant.

On your next visit to the Meadowlands Museum, be sure to take time to stroll the grounds.

Eagle Scout volunteers work on the Williams' garden at MMus Eagle Scout volunteers work on the Williams’ garden at MMus


Opening Tomorrow: Alternate Reality

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Our newest exhibit, Alternate Reality: Steampunk & the Victorian Age opens TOMORROW NIGHT, Monday, July 21st, 6:00pm.

Professor Adam Smasher will be presenting his lecture “What IS Steampunk? ~ 101″ at 7:00pm.

And there maybe a surprise musical act!  You’ll have to come to the opening to find out who!

Alternate Reality is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10am to 4pmm through September 2014.

Fans and photography Victorian wedding dress and parasols

Want to learn more about Steampunk and can’t wait for Professor Smasher’s talk?  Try this article.

Want to learn more about the exhibit?  Here’s the link for you!

Alternate Reality is presented in collaboration with Jeff Mach Events.