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Museum memberships are one of our main areas of financial support and are the backbone of the work that we do.  To become a member download and print out the form and mail it to the Museum.



The Museum has a schedule of levels of sponsorships for all events.  Please download our sponsorship form.

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Patron Level Sponsors

The Meadowlands Museum would like to thank our Patron level sponsors for their generous and ongoing support.

Boiling Springs Savings Bank
Chuck and Eileen Eastham
Robin Dameon


The Meadowlands Museum would also like to thank our current sponsors:

Bayonne Community Bank

Becton Dickinson

Investors Bank


The Meadowlands Museum appreciates the generous support of many people in the region who have linked their Boiling Springs Savings Bank accounts to the Museum through the Bank’s Community Alliance Program  (CAP).
This program allows any Boiling Springs Savings Bank Account holder to designate that they would like the Bank to donate a portion of the Bank’s earning from the account to the Museum on a quarterly basis.  There is absolutely no cost or fees to the bank account holder, and no information about the participating account holders is ever released by the Bank.
If you value the history of this region, this is an easy, no-cost way to support the preservation of our history.  Please follow the links below to find out more about Boiling Springs Savings Bank’s CAP program, and to sign up to have your accounts linked to The Meadowlands Museum.