A Celebration of the Honey Bee

by Jackie on August 5, 2012 · 0 comments

On Sunday, August 12, 2012, from 6 – 8 PM, the Meadowlands Museum will sponsor a celebration of the honeybee.  The Museum’s home and property were once the site of an early farm that depended on the bees.  In celebration of our farm heritage the Museum will sponsor a time for people of all ages to learn about bees.

Jim, one of our Meadowlands area beekeepers will come and show us how honey is  removed from the hive and then processed into the honey that we use at home. A beekeeper uses a machine called an extractor to get the honey out of the combs. The extractor spins the combs very fast and extracts the delicious honey.  Jim will have his extractor at the Museum so that you can watch as he extracts the honey. He is also bringing a glass-enclosed working hive.

There will be bee stories and crafts.  Participants will take home a honey bear with local honey.

We will also be joined by Jennifer Burns Katafigiotis, author of the soon to be released children’s book Belinda Bumble Bee who will use her storybook character, Belinda, to teach children about the importance of bumble bees and their relationship to our environment and food supply. Children will learn how bumble bees help our plants grow and develop into healthy foods … including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Find out how the environment is impacted by our everyday actions, the effect on bees, and how we can help the earth as good citizens of the world.  Simple pollination will be demonstrated using silk flowers, talcum powder and a bumble bee puppet.  Each child will be given a packet of bumble bee friendly seeds to plant at home to help our fuzzy, buzzy friends.

The Museum as a Farm in 1928

All funds raised during our bee celebration will be put toward the Museum’s building restoration and our new roof.  We are asking adults to contribute $10 and children $5.  There is no registration required.

The Meadowlands Museum is a local history museum located at 91 Crane Avenue in Rutherford.  The Museum is currently closed to regular visitors while we do repairs from the damage caused by Hurricane Irene and prepare for our new roof.  To register, or for information, call the Museum at 201-935-1175 or e-mail to meadowlandmuseum@verizon.net.


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